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I Heart Grippiks! May 8, 2009

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I just learned about a new product to day and I am so excited to share it because I think it is just fabulous.  They are called Grippiks surface accents and they are designed to customize Ikea furniture.  Anyone who knows me knows that I love Ikea, and this just makes it even better.  They have 6 different designs available, or more accurately 3 patterns that each come in two different color schemes.  The sizes are designed to work with specific Ikea furniture, so no cutting is required.  The material is “synthetic paper” which is supposed to be like plastic and wipeable for easy cleaning.  They are also supposed to be removable.  I am planning on buying a pair of Billy bookcases for the office/guest room makeover and I have been planning on customizing them with decorations on the back of the bookcase, either stickers or decorative paper.  This would make it so much easier!  I love the way they added the same pattern to the magazine file in this example…

Grippiks-1I am planning on doing something very similar!  Here are a few other example pictures…

Grippiks-2Grippiks-3I think the site is well done, because when you go to shop for accents, you pick the piece of furniture you are working with, then pick your pattern, so it is not confusing at all to get exactly what you are looking for.  They are also pretty affordable, although I’m sure you could do it for cheaper if you were doing it yourself.  The piece for the Billy bookcase is the size of two shelves and costs $18.95, and those for the magazine files are just $0.95.  If I do end up purchasing these, I will post again to let you know how they turn out.

I have heard that there are other websites that offer ways to customize you r Ikea furniture.  Anybody know of any?


2 Responses to “I Heart Grippiks!”

  1. Kristina Says:

    I seriously considered these when I was thinking about my Ikea furniture redo.

    I love them. They are so fun!

  2. What a fabulous product enabling you to make a boring piece of furniture uniquely yours.

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