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Furniture Facelift May 5, 2009

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Since I bought our dresser and nightstands almost a year ago, I thought they could use a little updating.  Painting is not the answer in this case, since they match the bed and I think painted furniture is not exactly the look I am going for in the bedroom.  The answer… new drawer pulls.  While changing the hardware is an economical way to update furniture, relative to purchasing new furniture, at $5+ each, it still can be a little bit of an investment.  Thus, the reason it took me so long to do it.  (Trumpets sound) Dun dun da-duh!  Ikea to the rescue!  They have many drawer pull and knob options, and the ones I picked were $5 for two!  That worked out to less than $50 for both nightstands and the dresser.  Here is the uber-traditional before …

p4250783And the updated after.  Bonus:  the brushed stainless finish coordinates with our door and window hardware.

p4250787The basic lines are still very traditional, but I think taking away the ornate drawer pulls was a vast improvement, and makes it more transitional.  And it took no time at all!  Anybody else have any quick and easy updates to share?


3 Responses to “Furniture Facelift”

  1. Linda Naylor Says:

    What a change….I’m so impressed!!!

  2. I love it! Great bang for your buck- and I’m sure it looks so lovely in your gorgeous bedroom!

    Sherry (& John)

  3. puprut Says:

    now…i know where to find a good one. what a good story ….then. good job guys… bali

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