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Happy Anniversary to Us! May 4, 2009

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Blair and I decided not to exchange gifts for our anniversary (it was yesterday).  After all, his birthday is in April and mine is in June so we have enough gift-exchanging opportunities this time of year.  I had to work until 7, so I asked Blair to plan a romantic dinner.  Boy did he deliver.  This is what I came home to…

p5040790Ok, it wasn’t that bright outside.  I confess, I recreated it this morning for blogging purposes.  The champagne glasses were also full 🙂  He made mango macadamia nut stuffed mahi mahi with rice, peas, and a salad.  It was excellent.  Now, for how this post is house-related…

p5040792He picked up this cute little candlescape for me!  Isn’t it very natural and soothing?  Pretty good score for a guy with no interest in decorating!  Here it is in its new permanent home…

p5040794I thought it would add a nice romantic touch in the bedroom 🙂  Can’t go wrong with that!

Now, lets close with some lovely photos from our honeymoon so that we can all pretend we are in Maui for a moment…



4 Responses to “Happy Anniversary to Us!”

  1. Nicole Says:

    Where did you get the Champaign flutes? I need some for my wedding and I love those!

    • houseanonymous Says:

      They are Waterford, my aunt bought them for us so I’m not sure what store they came from.

  2. Linda Naylor Says:

    Awwwww……so sweet!

    Wouldn’t be wonderful to actually visit Maui this time every year?

    • houseanonymous Says:

      Um, duh. Of course it would be great to go to Maui every year. Guess I should start playing the lottery.

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