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Office/Guest Room Makeover – The Walls April 12, 2009

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I have not yet decided whether or not to paint the walls in the office/ guest room.  I am leaning toward not painting them because there is going to be a lot of color coming in with the accessories, and I think the neutral khaki will work well.  I am still undecided though.  I have been finding a lot of fun art to bring in color on the walls.  Here are the prints I have already purchased from Wall Blank

1122111110I bought the top one in 12″x12″ and the next two in 6″x6″, and I bought Ikea frames for all of them.  Here is the rest of the art I am pondering for the room, but have not purchased yet…

131This one is from Target.  The next three are from Urban Outfitters.

113102121I don’t know that I will have room for all of these but I love them.    Anybody have any imput on the painting question?


3 Responses to “Office/Guest Room Makeover – The Walls”

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  2. I totally think you need to paint the walls. If nothing else a light neutral color. If they are builder white you should spruce it up a bit. You’d probably be pleasantly surprised on what a difference it would make.

    BTW, I love all the pictures. Especially the last three. They’re so light and airy.

  3. houseanonymous Says:

    They are currently a neutral khaki. Slightly more interesting than builder white 😉 Glad you like the pics!

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