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First Project June 3, 2012

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What was your first project when you moved into your new home?  For us, it might not be what you expect but once we got everything in the house and thought “where do we start?” it was kind of obvious.  When we had our first showing we noticed that the laundry was in a closet in the master bedroom.  At first, I said “This is awful!”  In our area it is most common to have the washer and dryer in their own room, or the room may be a pass through to the garage.  I have never seen a set up quite like the one we have.  The more I thought about it though, the more I thought it actually would be pretty convenient to have the washer and dryer in the bedroom – at least it won’t be far to put my clothes away!  But it still needed a little work to help make it more user friendly.  It was a closet just big enough to hold a washer and dryer with one high shelf like you would find in a clothes closet.  I knew I could make it so much more functional!  I am a slacker so I forgot to take a before picture.  We pulled down the shelf and painted the inside of the closet a medium grey to match what we were planning on painting the room.  One trip to the Container Store later and… Voila!


Three shelves to hold all the laundry room essentials, a hanging bar for hanging clothes to dry, and a lower shelf to sort everything as I fold it.  Brilliant!  (If I may say so myself!)  5 months in, I can say that it is working great for me.  Everything I need is within arms reach, which makes laundry easy peasy.  The best part is, if it is a big mess all I have to do is close the doors and I can ignore it until I am ready to face it again.  I call that a win!


We bought a new house! May 21, 2012

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Actually, we have been in it for about 4 months now, so we have had time to(more or less) get unpacked and start on some projects. We decided to move from East Texas to the DFW area to be closer to my family and because I got a great job offer. The whole process was a bit of a mess – I was originally supposed to commute and stay with my family three days a week while I worked, then commute back to East Texas while our house was on the market. That plan lasted all of a week. Blair said he wanted to take advantage of the crazy heat wave to get a job in Dallas. I really think he just missed me. Regardless, we went to stay with my family. We had to find a new home for the kitties 😦 because my brother is allergic. We brought Ruby and Briley (of course!) and moved in with my mom, dad, sister, and brother. It was cozy to say the least! We ended up staying with them for 6 months because we had a hard time selling our house. It was not exactly what we anticipated but we were so lucky to be able to have family to stay with and we got so spoiled to have my mom preparing meals and helping with laundry and house cleaning.

Now we are finally in our own place! While it was great living with my family we are really happy to have our own space. This house is quite a bit larger than our home in East Texas, and was built in 1988 as opposed to 2006. This has given us some challenges which you will hear all about, but I bet what you would really like is to see the house. So, without further ado, our new abode!

View from the front

Front view of the house



Living room

Living room

Master bedroom

Master bedroom

Master bath

Master bath

The gameroom (upstairs)

The gameroom (upstairs)

The backyard

The backyard

These pictures are from the real estate listing. The former homeowners had a different decorating style than I do so it has definitely been a challenge trying to figure out what will stay, what will change, and what is most important. Stay tuned to see what we have been up to!


Finally time to work on the kitchen… January 1, 2011

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The kitchen has been the last room in the house to get much attention, for two reasons…  1) I was having a hard time figuring out what to do with it, and 2) it was working just fine, so it was difficult for me to convince Blair to spend any money on it.  Well, I have been lusting after this Crate and Barrel table for quite some time now…Avalon Extension Table

I mean, as much as one can lust after a table…  Anyway, I originally wanted this Pottery Barn table…

Aris Pedestal table

But when I found the Crate and Barrel one, for close to half the price, I quickly changed my mind!  I finally bought it and I couldn’t be happier.  It seems to be great quality, and I love the clean lines and the wood grain on the top.  One small problem though…  I was too cheap to buy the set with the chairs so we are currently using the folding chairs that go with our card table!  Slightly ghetto, I know.  Hey, at least they are black!  I am still searching for the perfect chairs to match at a reasonable price.  Its a lot harder than it sounds.  I still have some work to do in the kitchen, in addition to finding the chairs, but this is a step in the right direction.  Stay tuned for pictures!


Bundle of Joy! May 20, 2010

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First and most importantly… We have added a new member to our family! Meet Briley Marie! She was born March 30, 2010 and has turned our lives upside down… In a good way! This means we had to combine the guest room and office into one and prepare her nursery. For that, we had help from John and Sherry at Young House Love, who recently welcomed their own little girl. Stay tuned for more info on our new addition and the makeover she inspired!


I’m Back!

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Several life changes, many home improvement projects, and almost a year later I’m back. Life has a way of getting in the way, but I’m going to try to do better! I have a lot of updating to do so stay tuned.


Vegas Inspiration June 15, 2009

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I am just back from Las Vegas!  Surprisingly, I came back, not with a million dollars, but with some design inspiration!  I know when you think of Vegas you probably think of neon lights and gaudy showgirl costumes, but you might be surprised at the lovely decorating ideas you can find.  Check this out…

The award for best use of wallpaper…

P6100829This is the entrance to the high limit slots area at the MGM grand.  The wallpaper outside is the same pattern as the wallpaper inside, but a lighter color.  Super classy.

The award for best use of crystal..

P6100832These are small individual crystals suspended by monofilament from the light disk above.  There were about a dozen of these around a circular atrium in the Miracle Mile Mall at the Planet Hollywood.  In the center there was one giant sphere of crystals.  Very impressive.  Notice the raised design on the wall behind the light – love it!

The award for best use of colored glass…

P6090820This is a ceiling containing an abundance of glass bowls made by artist Dale Chihuly.  We found it at the Bellagio.  The picture is a little darker than it is in person, the effect is really amazing.  Check out this giant glass flower that (I assume) is also by Chihuly…

P6090822Ok I realize most people won’t have something like this in their house but its pretty cool!  I was trying to figure out how to make one of those crystal spheres for my dining area…

Finally… our hotel room…

P6090808P6090809P6090810The room was lovely, the beds were comfortable, and the linens were soft.  I just couldn’t help but think, at the MGM Grand, that the rooms should have had a little more Hollywood Regency style.  Can I get a mirrored bedside table, anyone?


Coming Up Roses (Again!) June 1, 2009

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Yes, the roses are in bloom again.  I am so relieved to know that I just shocked them a little and didn’t kill them!


All the plants in my flower bed seem to be pretty happy…





And of course roses!

And of course roses!

As an added bonus, Salvia attract hummingbirds and have a nice fresh sage-y scent.  I haven’t seen any hummingbirds yet but here’s hoping!